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The Punjabi typing tool is a free tool which makes it easy to write content into the Punjabi language if you don't know the Gurmukhi Punjabi keyboard layout. What this Punjabi typing software does is once you start writing in English QWERTY KEYBOARD layout this tool will show a list of phonetically similar Punjabi words which you can select by selecting appropriate keywords by using arrow keys then press space. The most distinguished thing about this Punjabi typing tool which you will not encounter anywhere on any other website is the ability to format your text on the tool and printing on the hand. This ability makes your other requirements of text manipulation very easy.

Online Punjabi Typing Tool

In today's world where English dominates the internet, we very rarely use the native language keyboard layout but in our day to day life sometimes it becomes very mandatory to write something in Gurmukhi. The ignorance of user to know the Gurmukhi keyboard layout and high demand of user to write his or her text content in Punjabi compelled us to create this tool so that we can contribute in making your life as smooth as we can.

Phonetic Punjabi Typing

Phonetic Punjabi Typing tool is free online software which makes typing phonetically similar Punjabi words in Roman script absolutely easy. Punjabi Typing tool is completely free of cost which makes it more appealing, It sets no limit on user's content, you can type as much text as you want our Punjabi typing software will convert it definitely. The real strength of our software lies in its ability to convert phonetically similar English words of Punjabi in Gurmukhi script fast, accurately and with unlimited words capacity. Punjabi typing tool will also show a list of similar words in Punjabi of text you just typed you can select the word from the list using arrow keys and print on the tool using space key.
Unlike other websites we put no constraints on no. of words you can type, you can type as much text as you want other than that we also give you the facility to format your content in online. One great feature of our phonetic Punjabi typing involves PRINTING without any obligation to copy the content in any text editor you can print on this tool. Our tool uses Google's API package "Transliteration" which is very fast, up to date and accurate. One of the exceptional features of our Punjabi Typing Tool is we considered the possibility of sometimes typing something in English so, After you typed the word a drop-down menu of phonetically similar words will show you will last word in that list would be English word in Roman script just press upper key then space English word will show printed on the tool.

How Does Phonetic Punjabi Typing Tool Work?

What We present you by this typing tool which no other website of Punjabi Typing provides you anywhere, is English to Punjabi Phonetic Transliteration with the ease to format and Print your Punjabi language content on the same spot in a single tool. Now, We come to functioning knowledge of this tool. First, you need to bring the cursor to Text field by left click of your mouse. Then start typing, for example, you typed 'Sat Sri Akal' Drop down menu beside your cursor will show related phonetically similar Punjabi Words, In most of the cases, first Punjabi word would be the appropriate word, in that case, press SPACE and that will be drawn on the text field. Otherwise, select the appropriate Hindi word by using the mouse or down arrow key and press SPACE. Type in that fashion after using our tool a while you will get in habit of typing fast.

About this tool-

This tool is typing cum formatting tool. You can write your Text content and format your text in any way as you wish. For that end, we have given different options. Formatting is possible even without selecting word, sentence, paragraph etc. This Text formatting tool is designed with utmost precision so that we can deliver your great user experience.

  • New: If you click on this button A message will pop up from above if you select ok then your typed content will be deleted from editor blank page will reappear.
  • Save: If you click on this button your formatted text will be downloaded in .DOC file format which you can further open, edit and format in office word.
  • Print: If you click on this button you can print your text directly from our website. This feature is exclusive on our website no other typing website provide you with this feature.
  • Triple Emphasis (Bold, Italics, Underline): These three options can be used to Emphasize your text accordingly. For bold, italics and underline shortcut keys CTRL+B, CTRL+I, CTRL+U can be used respectively.
  • Text Color: If you want to type text in a particular colour click on this button a drop-down menu will open you can choose an appropriate colour from them.
  • Background Color: Button with brush image can be used for changing the background colour. The first select text of which you want to change background colour then click on the button a drop-down menu will appear to choose the appropriate colour.
  • Text Alignment: You have three options of aligning your text on left, right and centre margins. Justify align is used to align text on both margins.
  • Ordered list: These options are used to format your text in bullet points or numerical order. It is a very useful feature in our editor if you want to type any document in the ordered list.
  • Font Formatting: This option gives you the freedom to change the font size from the list including heading, subheading, minor heading and normal representing different font size.
  • Indent: This option is used to Give the Indentation to your paragraph or sentence. It includes two options of increasing and decreasing indentation of the paragraph.
  • Add Image: Using this option You can add Image to Text using appropriate settings.
  • Change Text Color: This option provides you with the facility to change Text colour.
  • Change Background Color: This option gives you the option to change the background colour of your text file.
  • Strikethrough: Use this option to strike through the intended selected words.
  • Remove Formatting: Using this option you can remove text format completely.
  • Insert Horizontal Rule: Don't Want to type on a plane page use our option of the horizontal rule to print horizontal lines across the page.
  • Full Screen: Last but not least this single feature is what separates us from other bogus typing websites. Click it and use it.

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