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As a general rule, typing is something that everyone should know & this is what even the people think these days. Therefore, it becomes quite a necessity for many out there to become good may be not an expert at typing. And if you wish to become an expert at typing then it is mandatory that you remember a few rules as far as typing is concerned. To help you out with – increasing your typing speed, we have not only put forth some typing practise passages but also have clearly listed out a few lessons on typing which will help you to a great extent. This way you can learn to type easily & without much trouble.

How does the online English typing test work ?

Online English typing  test Essentially when we wish to practise typing, most of the times we end up with typing directly in the box provided. However, at this website, one will first be able to understand the finer aspects of typing & then go ahead to type; as we have given a day – wise lesson which will to a great extent ease the way you type.
Online typing test practise sessions Immediately after every explanation, one will find some practise exercises. An individual will be required to practise the said exercises in order to get a better understanding on how to type apart from working on improving typing speed.

How to begin online English typing test ?

English Typing Test has become an integral part of our life. So, if you are looking for some sort of tool or an online typing practise session, then you have come to the right place as we have very clearly given the details apart from the typing lessons which will help a person to a great extent.
Check typing speed In addition to the online typing speed lessons, online english typing test website will help an individual to check their marks along with getting to know as to where they are making mistakes. This way people will be able to remember their mistakes & see to it that they do not repeat their mistakes. Hence, this site has even more importance when anyone wishes to advance in their typing skills. However, to understand typing speed test better, you may read the points listed below before you begin to actually start your typing class or that typing.

Keyboard Finger Position


How to improve typing speed ?

Well, if you are looking at some ways to improve the typing speed, then you will have to practise the typing speed lessons / exercises that have been mentioned on this website.

Key points to remember

What is WPM ?

WPM is the word that is commonly used in the typing classes. Well, wpm is nothing but words per minute. This wpm is calculated with the key – strokes. If it shows as 1 wpm then it consists of 5 key – strokes. Meaning of key – stroke ?  Key stroke is another word that is used often when typing is in question. Basically, a key – stroke is the number of keys that you punch when typing. For example, (1) quite – this word will have 5 key – stroke & (2) number – this word has 6 key – strokes.

What is CPM ?

CPM Whenever you type, you can count not only the number of key – strokes but also the characters that are being typed. And if you look closely, you will know as to how many are the characters & the key – strokes. And basically, the characters being typed are known as cpm or the characters per minute. Improve typing speed If you wish to improve typing speed, then you will have to work a lot on typing. And as a fresher, the words per minute have to be 30 to 50; while for an experienced the average wpm count is 70 to 80.

Typing Speed Calculation

Gross Speed Equation


Net Speed Equation


Guide lines to be followed when using the online English typing test

  1. Essentially a person who is looking forward to enhance their typing skills, will have to first understand what exactly is being typed.
  2. If you look carefully at the exercises which have been given in this site, you will notice that the people will be able to understand the subject first & then you will get to type.
  3. A person will have to type the matter in a box which is given right below the matter to be typed.
  4. The time you have completed the exercise, you will receive your English typing result on the screen.
  5. When you find yourself a little behind then you will have to go back & practise so that you are much better at what you do.
  6. After all practise makes a person perfect.
  7. When the results are put up on the site, one will find some words such as – wpm / cpm / key – stroke / speed etc.
  8. Keep reading to know more about the words specified above.
  9. Remember that you should not look at the key board when you type.
  10. Instead look either at the system or book as you type.
  11. Fingers should not leave the home keys (a / s / d / f / j / k / ; / l).

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