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Online Hindi Typing Test

we provide you quick and easy way to test your typing speed and accuracy. Just Enter your name, set timer and click on the start button and start the test. The words shown in this hindi typing test are the most Frequent hindi words with high rate of error. Pracice more and get success in government examination.

How does it work ?

Type as many word as you can in the text field within fixed time period that you have selected then we will show you your typing speed in GDPM (Gross word per minute) and NWPM (Net word per minute). After test you will receive your overall performance card, so you can judge your typing skills. Type the correct words in the text field as many as possible and we will show you your typing speed, accuracy, error rate or incorrect typed words. If you have typed an incorrect word, it will be highlighted in red and your speed will also decrease, so try to make less mistakes.Most frequently miss-spelt letter or word will be shown in red so, your can practice more of that word or letter. In the Progress Bar, we provide real time typing data so that you can check your typing progress. During the typing test, you will get your result as a WPM-value, The word WPM stands for words per minute (the amount of words you can type exactly in a minute). Typing speed calculation is based on a widely accepted method, in which five keystrokes will be considered as single word. As soon as the test timer runs out, you will receive your test progress card and you will be able to Evaluate your typing skills. Be Your Own Judge.

How to Begin Hindi typing test ?

To start Hindi typing test, enter your name, select timer and click on the Start button. After a while a test window will open, To evaluate your typing skills, click on the text field and type the blue highlighted Hindi word in the box written "click here to start typing" and press SPACE to start the test automatically so that you can check your progress in real-time. Benefits of using this Hindi typing test is to practice most frequently misspelt words so that you can supplement your typing skills and fill the gap.

Important note for students preparing for government jobs Typing Exams

  • In most of exams of held by government devlys and kruti dev font is used,especially jobs of state government exams with Remington Hindi Typing Keyboard layout.
  • To get Desired speed and accuracy in typing you need to have patience,focus,consistency.
  • This point is extremely important if you want desired speed with accuracy never make mistake of typing while looking at keyboard.Practice without looking at keyboard.
  • Do not try to remember keyboard layout it won't help you in least bit.
  • Make sure you have cut your nails off.
  • Don't make your elbow rest on keyboard.
  • Be calm and your focus and concentration will improve drastically.
  • Make sure your spine is erect and your mind is alert.
  • Practice as much as you can but not on the cost of accuracy.
  • Accuracy First Than Speed.
  • People usually ignores this but a good keyboard is absolute requirement for speed building. Any keyboard with comfortable soft keys would do it.

Beware of plateau

What is plateau? plateau literally means to reach a state of no change after a period of activity. This term is most suitable in regard to typists. When you start practice Hindi Typing your progress would be phenomenal you would improve your speed day by day, but alas one day this progress would be stopped when you have reached the plateau. It usually happens when you achieve speed of 30 to 40 first, what would happen exactly is this no matter how much you practice your speed would make no progress at all.
Most students think the more I practice more speed I will get. It would never happen. There is only one way to break your plateau which is conscious effort in your typing practice. You would have to be conscious about your speed then you will break the plateau. For conscious effort you would need passion, concentration, full dedication in your typing practice.

About this -

We provide an online Hindi typing test software which is completely free. To use it you do not need to download it, just click on the Start button and test your typing skills online in real time. Most government exams use two Kind of Hindi keyboard layout, but only one kind of keyboard is available on another website. For this reason we have provided you both kinds of keyboard layout. You can choose the keyboard layout according to your requirement and by doing daily practice, you can get success in the Government exams. Compare your result on daily basis and improve your typing speed.

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