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Online Hindi Typing Test

We provide you a quick way to check your typing speed. With the help of this software, you can check the speed and accuracy of your Hindi typing. You do not need to download and install any software. All you have to do is enter your name in the text field, select the paragraph and select the test time and click on the Start button, a new window will open in which you have to type the correct word and your actual typing speed and accuracy will display. You can also increase your typing speed by practising again and again. Practice is the only way to increase your typing speed. Use this software more and more and you will find that your typing speed is increasing gradually.

How does Online Hindi Typing Test work?

Test your Hindi Typing speed with our Online Hindi Typing Test software, Write as many correct words as possible in the text field, if you type the wrong word, the typing speed will be reduced. So type the correct words as much as possible. This Hindi typing test uses the standard method to calculate typing speed. In which five characters are considered one word. Thus, divide your typed characters by five, which you have typed in a minute, giving your gross typing speed, it is written with WPM. If you type the wrong word your speed will decrease. For example, if you type 300 characters correctly, your gross speed will be 60 WPM. And that will be your net speed, but if you type 5 wrong words, your net speed will be less than the gross speed. So this time your net speed will be 55 WPM and the gross speed will be 60 WPM. Net typing speed will be considered your correct typing speed.

How to start Online Hindi Typing Test ?

To start the Hindi typing test, first you have to enter your name in the text field, then choose the time of exam and then click on the start button, doing so will open the exam window. In which there will be an input field, in this you have to type the word which is highlighted in blue and press the space key so that the next word is highlighted in blue . If you type the wrong word, it will be highlighted in  red . In this way, in the test window, you will also check the actual typing data and after the test is over, you will also see your overall test result card, then you can check your typing performance.

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Equations for calculating Typing Speed -



Results of Online Hindi Typing Test -

Gross Speed (WPM)

Gross speed shows your overall typing speed by how many words you can type in a minute by adding correct and Incorrect words. Words per minute which is also popularly known as wpm is a simple calculation of the key – strokes when a person is typing. Essentially, 1 wpm consists of 5 key – strokes. The characters per minute, also famous with the name cpm is a term that is used to define the characters which are typed per minute.

Net Speed (WPM)

Net speed shows your true speed in WPM (Word per minute) how many correct words you can type in a minute. As we know 5 key – strokes equals to 1 wpm. And a key – stroke is a word that defines the number of keys which are hit when you type a particular word. For example, the word is ‘परिवर्तन’, it has 7 key – strokes while the word ‘यह’ consists of 2 key – stroke

Accuracy (%)

This option shows the percentage of words you have typed correctly. Accuracy=(Correct Words/Total Words) x 100

Error Rate

The wrong words you have typed in a minute are shown with an error rate.

Correct Entries (Words)

The total number of correct words that you have typed are shown in this test.

Incorrect Entries (Words)

The total number of wrong words that you have typed in the entire test is shown by this.

Total Entries (Words)

The total number of words that are typed during the Hindi typing test is shown by it.>

Total Time

This option shows the time you have taken the typing test.

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How can I improve my Hindi typing speed ?

Typing on that system can be a real easy thing for one & all. However, to master the act of typing one will have to first learn the basics of typing & this is what you will doing today that is the 1st day of your typing speed test lessons. Individuals will have to remember a few aspects of typing before they begin on this journey of typing. And the most important rule is that from the start one has to avoid looking at the key – board as this will be helpful in the future. Essentially, a person is said to be good at typing only when they observe the screen or the book when typing something on the system & this is only possible when you start on a right note from the start. If you want to increase your typing speed, practice typing test as much as possible and do not pay much attention to the first speed, just pay attention to accuracy. Your typing speed will automatically increase. The only thing that one will have to keep in mind is that you will have to remember whatever instructions are being stated in these passages.

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