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English to Hindi Translator

English is the most commonly spoken language after Mandarin in world and Hindi is the largest spoken language in India especially in the Northern Indian States. Hindi is the mother tongue of at least 405 million people around the world. Because, English is the language of International Reputation so, Native and non-native English speakers find it quite common to get themselves in a situation to write something in Hindi but without necessary skills in foreign language, without prior knowledge of Hindi they were helpless. Now they can use our English to Hindi Translator using which you can translate as long content as you want.
Gone are the days when need to translate content from one language to others, we required to have knowledge of grammar, vocabulary, and linguistics. Now, all you need to do is type in English language column in Roman script for as long as you want, press translate button and within a fraction of second, you can see your content translated in the Hindi language. Our purpose in making a translation page on our website is to reach those users whose need to translate English Language content into Hindi is quite frequent. This translation page would not only help English Native and non-native speakers but also Hindi native speakers who sometimes find it mandatory to get the accurate meaning of any English phrase or word into their native tongue. For that purpose, we created this translation page which will translate content with quite phenomenal speed and accuracy. Further suggestions on improvements for Translation page are welcome.

What is Different on our website:

Although there are many websites which offer translation from English to Hindi their translation capacity for the number of characters is limited. We set no such limits up for characters, You can translate for an unlimited number of characters. English to Hindi translator uses Google's translation API which is robust, fast, accurate. Which is also being updated on regular basis.

Who should use this English to Hindi Translator:

There is a high frequency of common complaints regarding translators that they do not translate with 100% accuracy. There is some truth in this complaint because developing a translator with accuracy is not always easy. Obviously, these two languages are not the same whether in grammar or in their pronunciation or in their script. So, developing a translator becomes a very tedious and complex project which demands years of experience both as developer and linguistics. Then who should use this translator?
This translator is not only useful to those users who need to translate greetings, common phrases etc. but also to those users Who want to know what thought or idea basically the sentence or paragraph is actually conveying by the medium of language. Because Human beings are not perfect beings we have our own set of prejudices, emotions, feeling So, these things also contribute to making our language an imperfect medium for communication. In the Internet era, we sometimes communicate with people from different geographical locations who speak a language other than ours. We regularly find ourselves in a situation to chat with those people although we can not chat with those people unless we have prior knowledge of their language but in this case, the translator can make your communication at least possible at least at the level of understanding. English to Hindi translator will help those users immensely.

Working of English to Hindi Translator

Just type in English language box where English is written on top of the box. Type in QWERTY keyboard layout in phonetically similar Roman Script in English. When you finish typing your content press Translate button coloured in red below. Your English content will be translated into Hindi.

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